Signing Up

Simply log in and fill out the registration questions, it’s free.

Once you have registered, you can post your results and contest photos.

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Who's Eligible

APHA members, non-members, exhibitors, partners, family and friends are all welcome to register and compete.

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The APHA 2021 Virtual 5K is open from September 27 to October 27. Results posted before or after that time will not be eligible.

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Mobile Reminders

To receive mobile event updates and reminders simply text HEALTH to 56512. To opt out of mobile reminders, respond STOP in text message field.

Measuring My Times & Distance

You can use any personal mobile pedometer app you want. Fitbit and Strava, to name a few. Our recommendation is the free trial version of Strava. You can download a free version of Strava from Apple or Android Store. Post results and upload contest photos from your Sign Up and  Profile page.

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Posting Results

The APHA 2021 Virtual 5K is for fun and to promote good health. Results are posted in the honor system. You measure your results and then post them. Please ensure you enter correct time format (example 00:03:02). Let’s have a fun and spirited event. Post your running results and contest photos in the Sign Up and your Profile page. 

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